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For information on playing, umpiring or officiating or any other query about East indoor hockey email the organisers at:  eastindoorhockey@gmail.com


Club Indoor Contacts
East Entry Form 2013-14
Competition Regulations 2013 (doc format)
Schedule 2013
Teamsheet 2013
Player Registration Form 2013

RESULTS 2012-13
Results, tables, and qualifiers
Mens Stats (xls format)

The regulations for East indoor competitions 2013-14 have been finalised to reflect consequences arising from the new Indoor Hockey rules introduced in 2013.  Use the link above to download a copy of the regs.
The 2013 Schedule, Teamsheet, and Player Registration Form can also now be downlaoded via the new links above.

In July 2013 the FIH released a letter detailing changes to the rules of indoor hockey which were intended to be introduced from September this year. The most significant of these is a reduction in the number of players per side from 6 to 5. England Hockey has now confirmed that these changes will be implemented in this country in accordance with the FIH timetable. East clubs should please note that the East rules will be amended to reflect the rule changes which will be in force for this season’s indoor competitions. It is not yet known if England Hockey will change the number of players allowed in squads or on the bench, so we will update further once this information is available. Any questions should be passed to steven.sieff@cms-cmck.com or any member of the East indoor working group.

There is now a facility for Clubs to include an indoor hockey contact on their Club Page.  This will ensure that interested clubs can be contacted when necessary on indoor hockey matters.   Details of indoor contacts can be added and edited via the existing Update Your Club facility on the Home or League pages, but there is also a quick entry facility on the new Indoor Contacts Page accessible via the link above. If your club is involved in indoor hockey, please add details for a contact now.

East Clubs in the National League 2013-14: 
Prem Division  Canterbury (W); Harleston Magpies (W)
Division 1   Sevenoaks (W); Old Loughtonians (M)
Division 2   Chelmsford, Ipswich, St Albans (W); Chelmsford, West Herts (M).

07-08 Dec: Women’s Prem League (Qualifier for National League), KK 14-15 Dec: Men’s and Women’s East Championships:
M 14 Dec  W 15 Dec, KK
21-22 Dec: Men’s Premier League (Qualifier for National League), KK
04-05 Jan: Men’s Division 1 – KK
04-05 Jan: 14 Women’s Div 1 - Royal Masonic School, Rickmansworth
(KK=Kelsey Kerridge, Cambridge)

07-08 Dec: Re-arranged [from 2012-13] National Div 2 (M & W)
14-15 Dec: Premier League (M & W)
04-05 Jan: Premier, Div 1 and Div 2 North and South (M & W)
11-12 Jan: Women’s Premier semi-finals and Div 1 (M & W)
18-19 Jan: Division 2 (M & W)
2 Feb: Indoor Finals

Jo Davey                        01277 623091       joannedavey@yahoo.co.uk
Marc Lloyd                      07875 344746       mplloyd@hotmail.co.uk
Chris Row                       01268 559603       chris.row1@btinternet.com
Steven Sieff                   07779 721609       steven.sieff@cms-cmck.com
Mike Trett                      01277 625233       miketrettam@sky.com
Ben Whibley                   07719 331848       bwhibley@hotmail.com




Indoor Working Group
Ros Marsh [Chairman]
020 8508 3395 rosandken@btopenworld.com

Jo Davey 01277 623091 joannedavey@yahoo.co.uk

Marc Lloyd 07875 344746 mplloyd@hotmail.co.uk

Chris Row 01268 559603       chris.row1@btinternet.com

Steven Sieff 07779 721609 steven.sieff@cms-cmck.com

Mike Trett 01277 625233 miketrettam@sky.com

Technical Officials Contact
Sheila George: 01493 752189 smg.68@btinternet.co