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    Around the Leagues

England Conference - East:
Men: St Albans are relegated back to East.
Women: Holcombe are promoted into the national Premier Division. Old Loughts are relegated back to East.

East Premier Divisions:

Men: West Herts are Champions and join the national league.
Women: Bedford are Champions and join the national league.

County Premier Leagues:

Essex: Redbridge & Ilford are Champions.
Five Counties: Welwyn Garden City are Champions.
Kent: Tunbridge Wells 2nds are Champions.
Norfolk: UEA are Champions.
Suffolk: BSE are Champions.


























Webmaster/Treasurer change of email
24/04/2014: Please note that the address trevor.williams3@bt... will shortly become defunct. Contact me via or

Hockey Museum wants mugs
23/04/2014: The Museum is developing a collection of Club Mugs used to celebrate events or anniversaries. Mugs and glasses of all shapes and sizes are welcome, and if they come with a history all the better.

East Management Meeting
26/03/2014: Draft minutes now available via the east region page.

Youth Competition umpiring claims - Update
26/03/2014: Please note a change of procedure for umpires' claims for appointments at Outdoor Youth Competitions: these should be made on an ERHA claim form and passed to the Youth Competitions Organiser, Fiona Wheeler, for direct payment by ERHA. Likewise claims for umpiring at JRPC matches should be made on ERHA Claims Forms and passed to Martin Williams for direct payment by East. East Umpires' claims for Youth and JRPC Competitions should no longer be submitted to
the ERHUA Website claims system. N.B. These changes apply to East Umpires, Umpire Coaches, and Umpire Managers.

East League Champions
24/03/2014: Congratulations to Bedford Women and West Herts Men who have both qualified for the national league next season as East Champions.

Guidance on expense claims
06/03/2014: Revised guidelines on ERHA claims for mileage, meals and accommodation are now available and should be applied to claims with immediate effect. You can access the document in the Claims Forms section of the East Region page.

New EH East Relationship Manager
02/03/2014: Andrew Dale has joined England Hockey East as the Relationship Manager for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. Andrew is contactable on

























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